Top Agents choose to plug into Best Home’s Entrepreneur model because they want multiple earning opportunities to build their wealth and to work alongside forward looking leaders and colleagues.

Community, Compensation, Education, Recognition, and Wealth Building

(+) Generous splits with $12K cap.

(+) Revenue share for referring agents.

(+) Ownership in mortgage and title.

(+) Own your own brokerage or run your own branch.

(+) In-house branding & marketing services.

(+) Caps available for teams, team members and spouse teams.

If you are a producing agent, this Entrepreneur model will radically shift the trajectory of your business... GUARANTEED!

Hear what our Entrepreneur agents are saying about their experience with Best Homes

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Avoid The 6 Pitfalls That Slows Down Top Producer Growth

Lack Of Consistency In Production

With us, consistently close deals, generate more income in less time and with less energy by working alongside forward looking leaders and colleagues.

No Passive Income

With us, earn passive income by having ownerships in mortgage and title company and sponsoring agents to plug-in to Best Homes.

100% = Low Value and Average Support

Our daily purpose at Best Homes is to create an environment where agents can flourish, grow their business and feel like they belong.

Old School Marketing Methods

With our in-house marketing team, we will help you to enhance your brand, refine your marketing message, and create scalable lead gen strategies.

Lack Of Massive Growth

We offer huge growth opportunities for our agents by growing your team, running a branch and/or owning your own brokerage. In addition, owning a mortgage and title co.

Running from Expensive Financial Model

With us, No Desk Fees, Royalty Fees or Franchise Fees. Generous splits with low cap while still offering real-time support, live training by industry leaders, and significant earning opportunities with ownership in mortgage and title co’s and revenue share.

To Help Your Business Grow We Provide Real Value from

the start.

As you can see, we offer plenty of business building tools for you to help you with your business. All of these benefits are here for you when you join Best Homes Real Estate. The majority of them are absolutely FREE for you to use.

  • Coaching & Training to close your first deal in 90 Days

  • Full service listing marketing platform/marketplace.

  • Graphic design, Agent branding & Marketing department

  • KV Core CRM/website

  • 17,000 Leads

  • Customized digital Buyer and Seller presentations (No Cost)

  • Professional Headshot

  • Content Studio

  • Leads!!!

  • Fully customized Listing presentation ($450 value)

  • Fully customized Buyer presentation ($450 value)

  • Buyer (pre-sell) packages ($150 value)

  • Seller (pre-sell) packages ($150 value)

  • Classified ad templates ($50 value)

  • Postcard templates ($250 value)

  • Pre-sell package design help & implementation 

  • Social media / Technology

  • Weekly Mastermind group meeting

  • Brokermint transaction management system

  • Small group training on tech, sales, negotiating, marketing & more!

  • 1-On-1 Mentorship

  • Open House Signs

  • Business Cards

  • Complete KV Core CRM system and customized website ($1800 value)

  • 12 week fast start Momentum Builders Bootcamp

  • Organic lead generation curriculum

  • Best Homes Academy

  • Private support channel (24/7)

  • Private Facebook group

  • Video Editing

Revenue share for sponsoring agents

The sponsoring agent receives 5% of gross commission from a partner agent closings

or $50 per entrepreneur closing.

Ownership in Mortgage & Title Company

Want to generate revenue through all parts of a real estate transaction? We have made that possible by offering equity in our fast growing Mortgage and Title company.

Own Your Own Brokerage or Run Your

Own Branch

We have a step-by-step Brokerage In A Box for agents, team leaders, or broker owners who want to launch or

grow their brokerage. We will show you how we onboarded over 200 agents, closed 1,074 transactions and sold

over $382mil in the last 28 months since opening our doors in January 2020.

In-House Marketing

Step Up Your Real Estate Digital Marketing Efforts

We will help you with your brand development, print media, lead generation, email-text automations and video content to increase business, grow your team and build a brokerage.

Brand Development

Have full clarity on your personal brand with our 6-week curriculum and brand development e-book

Lead Generation

Generate buyer/seller leads with our marketing department (Facebook , Google, Youtube, Etc.)

How Raul Generated an ADDITIONAL 10 Deals last year

Content Studio

Create commercial level videos to enhance your brand and attract more clients

Check out some of our agent videos below!

We have noticed one pattern with Best Homes New Agents..

They all want to start their own business in the first 90 days and they want to do it right!

If this sounds like you.. book a quick call today to learn more!


1-ON-1 Coaching

  • 12-week coaching Program

  • WEEKLY Wednesday workshops

  • WEEKLY Mastermind covering Agent Best Practices, Broker-level questions, marketing tips and more!

  • Exclusive top producer monthly events to network with other like minded individuals!

  • Learn about long-term and short- term rental investing from Best Homes investors

Print Marketing to Improve Real Estate Marketing and Sales! ($1,000+ Value)

CRM & IDX Website ($1,000 Value)

Top Producer Of The Month Dinner

Enjoy a 5-Star Dinner with CEO Alan Kushmakov!

Presidents Club

  • 3 nights at a tropical destination

  • Network with other qualified top producers

  • All inclusive stay at 5 Star Destination

We are looking for like-minded agents...

If this sounds like you, book a call with Alan to learn more about being a Best Homes Partner!

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